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Formosan Bubble Tea

A source of the best
Striving to serve the best teas to our tea-loving customers, we source all of our tea leaves directly from farmers in Taiwan, making sure the tea leaves we use are up to the best quality and standard for making authentic and natural bubble teas.

Authentic and scientific brewing process
We brew every batch of tea freshly throughout the day with a careful and specific measure on temperature, water and brewing time for all different kind of tea leaves. The brewing process is also accordingly adjusted to different weather conditions to reach the best every single time. Our bubble teas are made on site right in front of the customers once their order is taken. It’s quite a spectacle, involving some fun gadgets! The froth generated instantly from the finely balanced proportion of every ingredient enhances the heavenly taste of our bubble teas!

At Formosan we only offer a small selection of highest quality teas, which we have mastered to perfection and serve with only the freshest and most natural ingredients. Healthy AND tasty – what could be better?

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