Formosan Kombucha

Tea’s Leap toward Immortality


After some years of in-house research and development, we’re leading again with our professionally made sparkling range of kombucha “On Tap!”


Formosan Kombucha is a healthy, delicious and refreshing fizzy drink with hints of apple, vinegar and plum. It is made only from our premium quality tea leaves, carefully sourced from Taiwan and locally produced sugar. It comes to life through our complex, lengthy and meticulous multistage making process.

We’re very excited to take you even deeper into ancient Chinese tea culture, and re-introduce to the modern world this fabled natural drink, in all its former glory.

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What you must know before enjoying Formosan Kombucha

Since Formosan Kombucha contains live bio-cultures, indigestion may occasionally occur for some sensitive individuals, just as with live yogurts. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any potential inconvenience. If you think you may be particularly sensitive, we suggest you consult your nutritionist or doctor before consuming.