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Need it delivered?

We strongly suggests you come to our shop to get your perfect, fully customised cup of tea from us directly. We even have free samples to help you decide. If however for any reason you are unable to come in person, but live within the service range of one of our delivery partners - it is possible to order on-line through one of the below:

Worth to note:

As both companies charge us significant commission on the drinks you order, price for the same items delivered will be higher than in-store purchase. Despite we contribute for delivery service, we unavoidably have to pass some of the comission cost on you to ensure sustainability in a long run. As each of our delivery partners charge us different percentage, it will be reflected on the price you see on their respective portals. The above mentioned commission is charged to us and has nothing to do with separate delivery charge to yourselves. On the good side the quality and volume of our teas delivered are exactly the same as in store. 

Last but not the least, we really like to know our customers, so really hope to see you in our cosy store if you have a chance.       

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